How IVR System Can Benefit Your Customer Service

Maïwenn Marchand
29 Nov, 2022

The possibilities of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications to improve your customer service are numerous. Through a good support service, customers will be satisfied, you will improve your internal processes and reduce your costs, and word of mouth will do the rest! In a world of hyper-fast influence where the customer wants it all right away, it is essential to act instantly. 

What is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR system)?

But what is IVR? If you have never heard of IVR for your customer service, this article is for you! Find out in this article how IVR can boost your customer service.

The term “IVR” stands for Interactive Voice Response. These programs are used by call centres to route calls to agents. Their principle is to streamline the call routing process to ensure that the appropriate agent is connected to the customer. A good, well-trained IVR system with innovative features gives a positive tone to customers and almost immediate response.

How easy is it to integrate an IVR into my business?

To integrate IVR technology into your contact center, you need a phone card and dedicated IVR software that will allow you to pre-record greetings for callers. Then you can customise the recordings to suit the caller’s needs.

Do I need to implement an IVR for my customer service?

IVR systems can be used for many purposes. Basically, IVRs are used to automate customer service.
They also allow you to record personalized greetings that take your service to the next level. They allow you to collect information about callers so that you know more about the needs of your customers. Here is a non-exhaustive list of why you should implement an IVR system in your company!

Yes, because IVR systems improve calls with your customers

« To contact the XX service, press 1…» You know and have heard this a million times. It is with the help of this type of answering machine that our platform users can easily set up interactive voice response flows. These answering machines allow your callers to guide themselves to the right team in your company.

Yes, because you can customise the IVR settings for your customer service

Tailor your IVR to the needs of your callers and the goals of your business. With an IVR system, you direct your callers to the right departments of your customer service. You will save time for your agents and callers! 

Yes, because you define your own tree structure with the help of our experts. 

Together with our RingRing experts (who have more than 30 years of experience in automated voice), you define the tree structure of your answering machine and the “path” that the caller will take. Fully customise your IVR menu, the hours your IVR system is open, how calls ring and many other features. Our experts are also here to help you analyse what makes the most sense for your business. 

So how do you deliver a seamless customer experience?

Firstly, to provide a user-friendly interactive voice response experience, there should not be too many options in your IVR menu. Granted, it’s not always easy to know which options are essential in your IVR menu for customer service. That’s why our RingRing experts will help you build this IVR system. Also, you should test your IVR, again and again. Over time, the distribution of calls and repeated patterns in your will help you to create patterns related to the frequency and volume of calls.

Another observation we have made that helps deliver a quality IVR for customer service is the callback option at the end of the IVR system. Your automated voice can offer (depending on how long it takes to speak with a human agent) a callback option when the number of calls is lower. So your customers can go about their business instead of waiting and your agents can better organise their calls throughout the day.

Finally, it sounds simple but your IVR system should always be open, even after hours! An automated assistant always has value to offer and is certainly better than no answer (which frustrates customers). Your virtual agent can answer simple requests with concrete answers. Whether it’s for business hours, account balances or basic information found in your FAQs, they can be provided automatically and quickly. 

So now, convinced to implement an IVR system in your customer service?

If you want to try using an IVR system to improve customer support, RingRing can help. We have the most easy-to-use IVR solution available today. To see our IVR solution for your company, contact us today or ask for a trial!

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