How coronavirus changed ways of interacting
Maiwenn Marchand
14 Apr, 2020

In the current coronavirus crisis, we have had to adapt our ways of interacting, our way of working and, above all, our habits in general. Whether in the private or professional field, the coronavirus spares no one. At the professional level, many sectors are affected by the crisis. There are various methods to interact with its stakeholders depending on the sector.

A new era?

This period is also the occasion for companies to renew themselves. To change certain ways of doing business and to improve interactions. To re-analyse the needs of their customers and above all, to adapt to these new needs. All this, starts with a good way of communicating with its users. In order to know how to communicate and how to reach your audiences, it is important to analyse this period and take the time to look back.

Analyse of customer’s ways of communicating

At RingRing, we have analysed a change in the behaviour of our users during this last month. The communication tools used have evolved. We also have new customers on board. Indeed, to properly manage the crisis, various solutions have been useful to these customers. Whether it is the crisis communication management solution, mass sms or automated calls, all these solutions allow you to stay close to your users.

Find out How Covid-19 changed interactions:

how coronavirus changed interactions

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