For all healthcare workers facing the corona crisis: Cheer for champions

Maïwenn Marchand
25 Mar, 2020

To help our healthcare in Belgium, a donation platform has been set up these past days. The concept is to allow financial donations following the coronavirus crisis. With this action, the initiators want to contribute to additional support for these employees, even after the crisis. They also want to ensure that our medical care can be better prepared for disasters of this scale in the future.

What’s « Cheer for champions »?

It is a national action for the benefit of all healthcare workers in Belgium who are currently fighting against the coronavirus.

healthcare fundraising

Currently, healthcare workers affected by the coronavirus crisis are suffering from an enormous workload. The medical sector is suffering from severe financial blows. The medical field urgently needs additional investment. Whether for additional infrastructure, medical equipment or medical staff. In addition to rising costs, revenues are falling. Indeed, regular consultations have been cancelled. Although the state has freed up 1 billion euros for the hospital sector, the medical sector still needs help. This is where the « Cheer for champions » campaign comes in.

Supporting the Belgian healthcare community

The goal is to support the medical community throughout this crisis and beyond. In addition to all current material needs, the medical community will need post-crisis support. For example, psychological support, prevention of burns-out etc. Cheer for champions wants to provide support to medical staff today. Also, support the health sector of tomorrow. The aim is to make the Belgian medical field more resistant to crises such as the coronavirus.

How does it work?

Together with 9 other partner companies, RingRing participated in the implementation of the project. RingRing is involved in the SMS part. As a Belgian specialist in automated SMS and voice communication, it was obvious to put their knowledge into action. RingRing helps companies to improve their communication. Whether it is with their customers, employees or partners. Indeed, they are looking for the simplest possible way to communicate through different solutions.

Collaboration with Twikey

Hand in hand with Twikey, RingRing implemented the integrated payment link in the message. Thanks to a payment link generated by Twikey, users can send money. All they need for this is a payment application on their smartphone.

Fundraising for the Belgian medical field

The Philanthropic Centre of the Pelicano Foundation collects the funds. The funds are predestined for health institutions that are affected by the coronavirus. All donations are paid directly. Furthermore, in entirety to the fundraising campaign. Also, all partners involved in the action contribute to the fund on a voluntary basis.

How to participate?

This solidarity action starts on 25 March. You can participate via the website or by making a donation by SMS. To make a donation of 5 euros, send an SMS containing CHEER 5 to 8686*. Of course, you can donate any amount you want. Just change the number by the amount you want to give. You will then receive an SMS with an integrated payment link to make your donation instantly.

If you would like more information about our services and how we can help your company, don’t hesitate to contact us!

*CHEER to 8686

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