Customer Service Automation Thanks To IVR

Gaël Matendo
4 Jun, 2020

Implementing customer service automation by using interactive voice response can have many advantages. Indeed, non-optimised processes cost your team a lot of time and your company a lot of money. However, using the right tools, a lot of these processes can easily be automated. One way to achieve this is to use IVR.

Customer Service Automation Thanks To IVR

First, what is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is an inbound call management system that uses speech recognition or touch-tone technology to understand and process customer requests. To keep it simple, it basically is a robot that can give answers to pre-defined questions or transfer the customer to the appropriate contact within the company.

IVR for an improved customer service

Customer service automation is an increasing demand. If you are thinking about automating your customer service department, using an IVR to manage your incoming calls could be a good option. Automated calls (outbound and inbound) allow large companies to manage huge amounts of requests.

When it comes to sensitive processes, such as customer service, companies can be reluctant to automate. They fear that they will lose their privileged contact with their customers that allowed them to grow in the first place. Some clients ask : « will I lose customer contact through automation? » Don’t worry, you won’t lose personal contact with your customers. Luckily, even these processes can be optimised and results are good! Benefits of IVR are numerous.

Benefits of using IVR for customer service automation :

  • A better company image
  • Minimising waiting lines
  • No room for human error
  • No need to hire more employees
  • Millennials will embrace automation
  • More resolved calls on first attempt
  • A personalised and human contact
  • Increase the overall quality of your customer service
  • More time for human agents to focus on other tasks

Improve your customer service right now

Automating your business allows you to gain productivity and reduce costs. This is why automation is often applied in fast-growing companies to help support growth. Do you also want to improve your internal processes? Contact us to find together the solution adapted to your needs.

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