Create The Best SMS Marketing Campaign

Maïwenn Marchand
9 Nov, 2020

Use SMS marketing and create the best campaign to boost your sales. Interact with your target audiences in a personalised, immediate and automated way thanks to SMS. A lot of businesses use SMS and its close to 100% opening rate to create an original campaign. This blog post reveals some best practices of SMS marketing for all types of companies.

Best SMS marketing campaign

If you analyse your competitors, you will observe that they are diversifying in the tools they use for their campaigns. Whether it is for Summer Sales, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve or other reasons, an SMS marketing campaign can have a very significant impact. SMS is becoming one of the best tools for communicating with your target audiences and is both cost-effective and efficient. Let’s dive into the advantages you might not have heard about.

Is an SMS Marketing Campaign Effective?

Of course, it is. Did you know that SMS has an open rate of 97% within the first 3 minutes? If we say ‘huge’, we mean it. Compare that with the average open rate of e-mail (about 20-30%), and you know we’re right.

Moreover, SMS marketing is more adopted then e-mail. About 96% of people worldwide have a mobile subscription. On the other hand, only 35% of people worldwide are e-mail users. Of course, you can imagine a different situation here in Belgium. Most people have an e-mail account, but as e-mail marketing has become more popular, it means that commercial e-mails are overpopulating people’s inboxes, and are often interpreted as spam. That’s why using new channels for your marketing campaigns like SMS is a solution. If you want some SMS marketing campaign examples, download our Black Friday SMS Templates.

Black Friday T

How do you do SMS Marketing?

Make it extremely personal

A mobile device is in everyone’s pocket. It’s a gateway to people’s personal lives. When you engage with your target audience via a text marketing campaign, you need to respect that. Understand who your target audience is, and find out what people expect from your messages. A lack of a strategic approach is asking for trouble.

Analyse the best time to send

As with e-mail marketing, there are some optimal times to send text messages to your audiences:

  • It’s most effective during business hours, between 10 am and 7 pm
  • Mondays have the lowest response rates
  • The worst time to send is during rush hours when people can’t engage with your messages.

However, the best time to send out your SMS marketing campaign depends on the characteristics of your audiences. Testing, analysing and constantly improving is the best way to work.

Keep it short & simple

If you’re able to send short text messages, which are to the point and have a clear call to action, you will be able to maximize your impact on your audiences. However, if you make your messages too long, you’re missing the point. As SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service’, you need to keep it short. Keep your SMS marketing campaigns short and straight to the point.

Don’t overwhelm users

Don’t confuse mobile marketing with e-mail marketing. It’s perfectly suitable to send 5 e-mails per week, but it’s a clear no-no in SMS marketing. Even 4 or 5 (marketing) text messages per month are considered excessive. The best way to create clear expectations is to inform your customers in advance about the frequency of messages they can expect.

What is the best text message marketing service?

To send marketing campaigns by SMS in a fast and efficient way, RingRing is the best service. Our platform is easy to use and support is available 24/7. Most SMEs and larger companies are already using our services to send out their SMS marketing campaigns. If you want to test the product by yourself, test our platform for free right now!

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