Create an SMS campaign in 3 short steps

Maïwenn Marchand
10 May, 2022

Creating an SMS campaign may seem complex, but with the right tools, it becomes very accessible. Moreover, SMS campaigns have impressive open rates (99% depending on the sector) and lead customers to take action. Find out how to create an SMS campaign in a few clicks and how to go further in the analysis of your sendings.

Why you should send SMS campaigns

Firstly, SMS campaigns or SMS marketing consists of sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes, all via SMS. Typically, these messages are intended to communicate offers, service updates or alerts to people who have agreed to receive messages from your company.

SMS marketing allows both to acquire more customers and to sell more products to old and new customers. Indeed, the flexibility and immediacy of SMS campaigns allow increasing the turnover already generated by your customers. In addition, SMS campaigns are multifunctional. You can combine them with other marketing channels to improve your results.

1. How to create an SMS campaign

So now that you know a little bit more about SMS campaigns and why you should use them for your company, let’s discover how to send an SMS through our platform. Don’t worry, it’s really easy. Our platform offers a lot of ways and features for sending an SMS.

As you can see on the image below, open SMS Mailer by clicking “Send SMS” on the Portal homepage.

To send your SMS campaign, type in a message and a phone number and press send. You should see a green confirmation.

Now that you know how to send an SMS, you should learn how to import contact with a file. Indeed, now you can send an SMS to one customer but to send an effective SMS campaign, you need to import your targeted contact list.

2. Import your contacts with a file

Instead of importing 1000 contacts by hand to create your SMS campaign, you can also import your contacts via an MS Excel file. To do this, open the contacts page and click “import contacts”. On the next screen (see below), you can select your file. Be careful, the format is important! If you are not sure about the correct format, click on the “Get a template of the file“.

You can also, optionally, assign all those contacts to a group by selecting a group in the dropdown list. After you have chosen your file, just click “save” and our software will do the rest.

Will my import overwrite my previous import?

The phone number of the contact is the field that identifies this contact. That means that if you import another contact with the same phone number, the original contact will be updated. Now that your contacts are uploaded… Let’s check if the delivery went well!

3. Check the quality of your delivery

When maintaining an effective SMS campaign, it’s also important to keep an eye on the quality of delivery. There are many reasons why an SMS cannot be delivered: a wrong number, errors in the provider of the recipient, the number doesn’t belong to any mobile network,… To check the quality of delivery of your SMS campaign, open up “Message Analytics“. Then, in the menu, select “quality of delivery“. You will see that on top, you can filter which messages you want to select.

Below that, you can see:

  • A detailed graph of the last 7 days
  • The quality of delivery per country
  • A sum of the messages sent/delivered over the last 7 days
  • The most common reasons why your messages were not delivered

For those among us that really like visual representations, we have something cool for you too: a map of which countries you sent your SMS campaign to, which had a good delivery rate and which had a bad delivery rate.

From now on, from sending the first SMS to importing contacts, to analyzing, you are ready to launch your own SMS campaign. Test the tool now for free for 14 days and see the difference in the power of SMS. If you have more questions about SMS marketing or want to contact an expert, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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