Automated Calls To Maximise Summer Months In HR

Automated Calls To Maximise Summer Months In HR

As HR professionals, how to deal with summer and the challenges that come with it? Since the summer months are sometimes quieter, it’s time to sit down and review your strategy and why not, your working tools. Did you know that you can automate a lot of tasks in your HR department to optimise all year round? Start automating repetitive tasks. For example, use automated calls.

To best improve productivity, a company first needs to analyse which tasks take up a lot of time. For a recruitment agency, the answer to that question is rather easy: placing calls to find available workers and match them with the correct job opportunity. Luckily, this task can be automated!

Automated Calls To Maximise Summer Months In HR
Automated calls allows you to focus on other more important and urgent tasks as an HR Manager

Using automated calls to improve the efficiency of a recruitment agency

If you have ever worked in a recruitment agency, you know how much time can go into placing phone calls. However, talking to the contact is not the most time-consuming part: waiting for someone to pick up the call or leaving a message that will maybe not be heard takes up most of the time. That’s why automated calls can save you a lot of time.

So, knowing this, how can one improve efficiency for a recruitment agency? Fortunately, placing calls can easily be automated. The easiest way to do so is using our Call Campaign Manager tool. The concept is quite simple: instead of having humans place the calls, the tool places them, cutting unproductive waiting time for employees. Once a contact picks up, the call is transferred to a human that can follow up on the conversation. The machine can also place simultaneous calls and stop the calls the moment one person asks to be transferred to a contact. This makes the Call Campaign Manager far more efficient than a human being could be.

Automated communication for more efficiency

So, how exactly does it work? Let’s take a precise example. You have recurrent or one-time requests from your customers to help them find employees. Let’s say that today you have a request to find 3 factory workers that need to work tomorrow from 9.00 to 17.00 for your customer X.

Using our Call Campaign Manager, you can complete this task within minutes. The first step would be to record the message you want the job-seekers to receive. You will probably end up with something like « Hello, we have a job opportunity for you tomorrow, from 9.00 to 17.00 at Customer X. Are you interested? Press 1 to be transferred to an agent. Do you want more details? Press 2 to receive more information by SMS. Do you want to stop receiving these messages? Press 3 ».

Once your message recorded, you will upload it on the tool’s interface. You will also configure the phone number of the person that should receive the automated calls when the job seeker presses 1 and the content of the SMS, which will probably contain a link to the job description, if there is one. Then, you upload the list of contacts you want to reach for this specific campaign.

When you click on “launch campaign”, your calls will be automatically placed for you. All you need to do now is wait for the phone to ring while doing more productive work. Once you have found the people you needed, you can stop the campaign to not receive any more incoming calls.

A tool especially suited to improve efficiency for recruitment agencies

Using the Call Campaign Manager gives you the liberty of placing and stopping the calls whenever it suits you. This means that you will receive the calls only when you are available. This is all the flexibility you need. Using your own recordings also means that you keep your job human: it is not a robot that contacts them, but you. People will hear the same voice on the phone than on the recording, which will help build trust between the job seeker and the recruitment agency’s consultant.
Several recruitment agencies have already decided to use this tool to become more efficient.

Do you have any more questions or do you want personalised advice? Let us help you become more efficient!

Customer Service Automation Thanks To IVR

Customer Service Automation Thanks To IVR

Implementing customer service automation by using interactive voice response can have many advantages. Indeed, non-optimised processes cost your team a lot of time and your company a lot of money. However, using the right tools, a lot of these processes can easily be automated. One way to achieve this is to use IVR.

Customer Service Automation Thanks To IVR

First, what is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is an inbound call management system that uses speech recognition or touch-tone technology to understand and process customer requests. To keep it simple, it basically is a robot that can give answers to pre-defined questions or transfer the customer to the appropriate contact within the company.

IVR for an improved customer service

Customer service automation is an increasing demand. If you are thinking about automating your customer service department, using an IVR to manage your incoming calls could be a good option. Automated calls (outbound and inbound) allow large companies to manage huge amounts of requests.

When it comes to sensitive processes, such as customer service, companies can be reluctant to automate. They fear that they will lose their privileged contact with their customers that allowed them to grow in the first place. Some clients ask : « will I lose customer contact through automation? » Don’t worry, you won’t lose personal contact with your customers. Luckily, even these processes can be optimised and results are good! Benefits of IVR are numerous.

Benefits of using IVR for customer service automation :

  • A better company image
  • Minimising waiting lines
  • No room for human error
  • No need to hire more employees
  • Millennials will embrace automation
  • More resolved calls on first attempt
  • A personalised and human contact
  • Increase the overall quality of your customer service
  • More time for human agents to focus on other tasks

Improve your customer service right now

Automating your business allows you to gain productivity and reduce costs. This is why automation is often applied in fast-growing companies to help support growth. Do you also want to improve your internal processes? Contact us to find together the solution adapted to your needs.

How to do SMS marketing during containment

How to do SMS marketing during containment

How to do SMS marketing during this period of containment? Now more than ever, it is important to communicate about your online presence. Continue to be present on the market. Inform your users about the measures taken as a result of the virus and the alternatives put in place.

Current situation for companies

During this coronavirus crisis, many sectors are affected. According to SPF finance, the economic impact is felt at several levels. In order to contain the spread of the virus, the government has imposed numerous closures. Many areas have been affected. Retail trade, tourism, recreation and culture, hospitality, transportation and events. The impact is dramatic for companies.

You previously communicated by email

No matter what sector you are currently in, it is important to continue to communicate with your customers. Indeed, we have all received a flood of emails concerning the coronavirus. Who hasn’t received an “update coronavirus” email in the last few days? How can you communicate effectively with your customers who are looking for your services? All this without falling into a wave of « coronavirus » emails. Think about text marketing!

Automated SMS : the best option

There’s no need to repeat it, the mobile phone is king. According to a study conducted by Nottingham Trent University : people look at their phones about 85 times a day. Certainly more during this period of containment. During this period, people keep their phones handy. The phone has become the best containment partner. To find information quickly, to communicate with loved ones by message or video call, to consult social networks… The list of benefits of text messaging is long.

Here are a few reasons to switch to automated SMS marketing :

  • Text marketing stands out against the mail (you are not in the mass of « update coronavirus » emails sent by all the competitors) ;
  • Deliverability and speed of automated message is almost 100% ;
  • The opening rate of the text message is 97%, unbeatable! ;
  • SMS is an effective channel for mass communication ;
  • SMS is a more personalised channel

Furthermore, the telephone numbers in your database are the most active customers. Those who have given their agreement and telephone number to get in touch.

How to do SMS marketing with closed store
stores closed due to coronavirus crisis

Manage your SMS marketing campaigns efficiently

Be careful, don’t communicate for nothing. SMS is a powerful channel, so use it carefully and wisely. This period is a key moment for brands. If you communicate, it must be useful and relevant. It can also be informative or entertaining. In short, you have to have something to say. Contribute to the current situation. For example, in the superstore sector, you can promote your online services to limit physical contact in your stores. Offer your home delivery services, shopping pickup, etc.

How to do text marketing by sector?

Many areas of Belgium (and around the world) are affected due to containment. There are many reasons to communicate. The most relevant is the service message. It informs users about a service change, relevant promotion or a policy update. You can also communicate as a “friend”. Be careful that this type of less relevant communication, it’s better to send it via email. If you are close to your users, SMS can be an option as well. This type of messages are rather to recognise the current situation. Recognise the situation and talk about your presence. Why not offer inspiring readings or activities to your customers during this period.

Here are a few examples of inspiring SMS marketing by sector:

  • NGO’s : You can also use SMS as a way to collect donations. It is a simple and effective tool. By sending a direct message, users can participate in your campaign in a few seconds. At the occasion of a campaign for the Belgian healthcare, we set up a successful donation campaign.
  • Transports : Be sure to keep your users informed about the current situation. Reassure your users about the safety of your services. Give quick updates about timetables, safety regulations.
  • Healthcare : Inform your employees about health precautions to be taken by bulk messages. Also, use SMS automation to communicate quickly and effectively with your stakeholders. As in the Safelink project, contact your patients directly on their mobile phone. Send an SMS to remind patients to give their medical information and constants.
  • Public sector : Continue to inform citizens about the evolution of a crisis (e.g. coronavirus). Send them instructions or safety standards by bulk SMS.
  • Food industry : Increase your e-commerce, promote home deliveries and pick-up of groceries. Inform your customers and employees about your delivery services, schedules, sanitary measures with text messages.
  • Employment & Education : Send contract reminders, subscription reminders or updates by SMS. Keep your users informed about your services, e-learning platform and new courses.
  • Domestic goods & Retail : Notify users that you’re present for their urgent need for appliances. Communicate that you continue home deliveries and increase online orders.

Maintain your business despite the confinement. Contact our team of experts. They will offer you a suitable solution.

And don’t forget… stay at home, take care of yourself and others!