5 Ways To Boost Your Sales At The End Of The Year

Maïwenn Marchand
1 Dec, 2022

At the end of the year, the retail and e-commerce sector see an increase in sales. However, it is important to stand out from your competitors. Like most companies, you are setting up a campaign to promote your services at the end of the year. But how do you stand out from the competition? Stand out and be “seen”? Did you ever try SMS to boost your sales? There are various ways to boost your sales at the end of the year. We have put together our top 5 tips and tricks to keep your business going before and during the holidays!

Boost sales with SMS

1-Use the right communication channel

If your customers are on holidays and do not open their emails, how can you reach out to them? It is easy, reach them out on the device that they always carry around: their smartphone. No matter if they go on a skiing holiday or if they hike through Europe, they will have their smartphone with them.

Sending an SMS is the perfect way to go. Your customers will receive the information but can read it when they have time for it. Make sure that they can benefit from your offer directly from the SMS by inserting a link in the message.

2-Boost your end of the year sales with SMS

This is a classic way of boosting your sales and face the competition at the end of the year. During pre-holidays periods, people are eager to go on holidays. They will pay more attention to offers related to the theme. Whether it is in the text or the products on which your customers can get a good deal, make sure your offers are the image of the holidays and winter feeling!

Do not forget to segment your offers. Do you have information on your customers’ habits or interests? Design an offer that they cannot refuse! If you have their purchase history of last year, it is even better. You can use it to send complementary or similar offers. Want to test the effectiveness of SMS at the end of the year? Test our platform now.

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3-Take advantage of special occasions

This is true all year round, but use special occasions such as a Christmas, the new year or the beginning of winter sales to send special offers by SMS. By relating your offer to an event, you can create a sense of urgency. Boost your sales with SMS during those specific times. For example, your offer can be available only up to the date of the event or be valid only on the date itself.

Whenever it is possible, send a reminder SMS for your campaign to boost sales. For example, if your offer consists of a 2-week pre-winter sale, your first sales SMS could be something like « Winter deal: 20% off on all our website starting today until January the 1st! ». You can then send a second SMS 3 days before the end of your offer with a text such as « Winter deal: don’t forget to benefit from our special 20% discount, only 3 days left! »

4-Diversify your communication channels

It is always important to look for new ways to promote and attract customers to your business. One marketing technique that is constantly gaining ground is SMS marketing. However, other strategies are important. Don’t hesitate to use multichannel techniques. With a platform as a CpaaS, you can benefit from SMS, Voice or Bots to engage with customers. When customers make a purchase on your website or e-shop, it’s also a chance for engaging. For example, when new customers make purchases on your site, send them delivery and purchase notifications.

5-Make mobile subscribers feel special

To boost your sales with SMS, people need to continue to agree to receive your SMS. It seems obvious, but it is important to maintain your database. To increase mobile subscriptions, reward your customers to do so. Maybe let them know that some offers are available only by SMS, or give a reward for long term subscriptions or VIP customers.

You can boost your sales with winter flash sales through SMS. Select one product and give an extraordinary discount for only 48 hours. Putting a time limit on the sale creates a sense of urgency for the customer. Sending the flash sale by SMS allows him to be informed about the sale on time.

Are you ready to try SMS this end of year? Let us help you with it and contact us!

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