5 ways to boost your sales during summer
Gaël Matendo
27 Nov, 2019

During summer, a lot of companies know a decrease of activities. Unless you sell holiday-related products or services, people spend more time outside than buying in your shop. Luckily, there are ways to boost your sales during summer time! We’ve gathered our 5 best tips and tricks to keep your activity going during the holidays!

1-Use the right communication channel

If your customers are outside and do not open their emails, how can you reach out to them? It is easy, reach out to them on the one device that they always carry around: their smartphone. No matter if they go to the beach or if they hike through Europe, they will have their smartphone with them.

Sending an SMS is the perfect way to go. Your customers will receive the information but can read it when they have time for it. Make sure that they can benefit from your offer directly from the SMS by inserting a link in the message.

2-Send a summer campaign by SMS

This is a classic way of boosting your sales during times of low activity such as the summer. During pre-holidays periods, people are eager to go on holidays. They will pay more attention to offers related to the theme. Whether it is in the text or the products on which your customers can get a good deal, make sure your offers are sunny and play on the holiday feeling!

Do not forget to segment your offers. Do you have information on your customers’ habits or interests? Design an offer that they cannot refuse! If you have their purchase history of last year, it is even better. You can use it to send complementary or similar offers.

3-Take advantage of special occasions

This is true all year around, but use special occasion such as a national holiday, the first day of summer or the beginning of summer sales to send special offers. By relating your offer to an event, you can create a sense of urgency. For example, your offer can be available only up to the date of the event or be valid only on the date itself.

Whenever it is possible, send a reminder SMS for your campaign. For example, if your offer consists of a 2-week pre-summer sale, your first sales SMS could be something like “Summer deal: 20% off all our website starting today until June the 1st!”. You can then send a second SMS 3 days before the end of your offer with a text such as “Summer deal: don’t forget to benefit from our special 20% discount, only 3 days left!”

4-Organize summer events

In summer, agendas are less full than during the year. Use this opportunity to organize a nice event to which people will actually show up. For example, invite your customers to a summer barbecue. They will certainly appreciate the invitation.

If you have a lot of customers, you might want to limit participation to a certain amount of people. This can easily be done using SMS. Let’s say you want to host a party for 100 customers. Select your top 100 customers and send them an invitation by SMS. Ask them to reply within 48 hours to ensure their spot. You can then send another batch up until you have your 100 attendees.

5-Make mobile subscribers feel special

For your sales SMS campaigns to be efficient, people need to continue agree to receive your SMS. It seems obvious, but it is important to maintain your database. To increase mobile subscriptions, reward your customers to do so. Maybe let them know that some offers are available only by SMS, or give a reward for long term subscriptions or VIP customers.

You can for example run summer flash sales through SMS. Select one product and give an extraordinary discount for only 48 hours. Putting a time limit on the sale creates a sense of urgency for the customer. Sending the flash sale by SMS allows him to be informed about the sale on time.

Are you ready to try SMS this summer? Let us help you with it and contact us at sales@ringring.be!

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