Boost Customer Satisfaction with SMS
Maiwenn Marchand
7 May, 2021

The channels you choose to interact with your customers have a great influence on their experience with your business. You wouldn’t be successful if you didn’t try to improve this experience. Have you ever tried to boost customer satisfaction with SMS? Introducing SMS is a good way of creating positive interactions with your clients. Even more when it concerns customer experience.

boost customer satisfaction with a simple SMS

First of all, did you know that SMS messages have an opening rate of 97% within 3 minutes? That’s huge. But that’s not the only advantage. Consumers are very likely to prefer SMS conversations to other types of communication, like phone calls and e-mails. SMS is quick, cheap and impactful. Here are three reasons why you should use SMS to boost your customer satisfaction.

1. Send updates via SMS, whenever they are relevant

A very important element of customer satisfaction is the overall follow-up. Your customers should feel that you are invested in the customer relationship and its entire experience. It is not enough to sell a product and leave your customers in the dark afterwards. A good follow-up of orders and deliveries via SMS will boost your customers’ satisfaction.

“Your order is shipped, and will arrive at 2 PM today”. What else do your clients want to know when they’re waiting for their package? You can send automated updates with shipment information, service updates, product recalls and many more. The great thing about SMS is that it has an enormous delivery rate, and takes practically no effort to send.

2. Improve customer satisfaction with SMS surveys

Organise surveys to your customer database by SMS in a 100% automatic way. Use NPS survey to ask customers to rate the service level from 0 to 10. You can send your survey a few seconds after your customers contact your customer support. You can also ask your customers to evaluate your product, for example, two weeks after the purchase. With instant insights since your customers’ comments are registered directly and automatically in your database.

3. Improve interactions with bots

You could use SMS for one-to-many communications. But you could also enter in dialogue with your customer. SMS is perfect for automated scripts. With a chatbot, you can make sure every frequently asked question is being answered instantly. Provide your customers with the right information and enhance customer satisfaction with your company with bots.

If you want to create a custom bot for your business or more info about SMS surveys, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team!

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