7 SMS Marketing Examples That Work

Coline Constant
3 May, 2022

In business communication, SMS is nowadays a must. Not yet using SMS in your marketing campaigns? Now is the time to start. Discover in this article some SMS marketing examples that work and get inspired!

Today, everyone has a phone. And as soon as it rings, we look at it almost immediately. Isn’t that right? Add to that the fact that the very structure of the SMS gives it its strength: short and quick to read. That’s exactly why SMS is so powerful and can be used in all your marketing campaigns! With an open rate of almost 98% and the assurance of having a message read within 3 seconds of receipt, you can be sure to reach your target.

You don’t use SMS for your marketing yet? Don’t worry, this is the opportunity to diversify your communication channels. This will allow you to reach a wider target and is an excellent way to hit the bull’s-eye every time!

But how to use SMS the best way? And And what are the best and most common examples of SMS marketing? Let’s explore this together.

Before you start with SMS Marketing

There are some good practices to keep in mind before using SMS for your marketing campaigns and discovering examples. Let’s take a look at what you need to think about before you start using SMS marketing:

Get consent

For any marketing campaign, it is necessary to have the consent of the contact. Whether it’s for emails or SMS. It’s all the same. This agreement is called “opt-in”. And opt-in, in marketing campaigns, is “a form of permission marketing in which there is a formal opt-in process for receiving follow-up communication, offers, etc.” Today, since the GDPR, this opt-in has become mandatory. To obtain it, within the framework of SMS Marketing, the easiest way is to add a “telephone number” field to your forms and an explicit consent checkbox to use it. You will then have the precious information.

Another point. It is essential to give your customers the opportunity to unsubscribe from your messages (newsletters, promotions, etc.), whether they are sent by email or SMS. In general, customers can reply “STOP” to the message, and they will not receive any more SMS from you. It can be as simple as that.

SMS Marketing Tool

It may seem obvious, but don’t send your SMS marketing campaigns with your phone. The RingRing SaaS platform helps you have an SMS Marketing strategy and easily send SMS for all purposes.

Thanks to this, you can carry out professional campaigns. But not only that.

The biggest advantage is that you will be able to automate your sending and do mass messaging. This is what we call Bulk SMS. Easy and efficient. And moreover, you can even integrate SMS into your other automated workflows and/or software with SMS API.

Last but not least, with such tools, you can also get reports on your mailings. You can then evaluate the impact of your communication. And that’s quite important because it can help you improve your campaigns.

7 Examples of SMS Marketing That Work

There are many tips for writing SMS messages for your SMS Marketing Campaigns. You can find our tips here.

But don’t forget that, depending on what you are selling/offering and on your audience, you can adapt the style, the structure, and the type of SMS. The important thing is to keep your tone of voice and the identity of your business so that you can be identified.

We have listed several types of SMS marketing and prepared some examples. Discover them, use them, mix them… There are no limits! Let yourself be inspired… and make your campaigns work!

Welcoming and onboarding

The first message to send? The welcome message, of course. 

Whatever you do, think to include in your welcome SMS:

  • The type of content
  • The frequency of sending
  • How to unsubscribe (remember the opt-in we talked about earlier? Here it is again!)
Welcome SMS example


SMS is one of the preferred channels for companies to communicate about sales. Affordable, easy to use and very engaging. It’s definitely worth using!

Don’t hesitate to use it also to celebrate special moments of your customers: birthdays, anniversaries…

Sales SMS example


Another example of SMS marketing campaigns are promotions. You can use SMS to communicate about a temporary or exclusive offer. The sense of urgency will help to get your customers to act. And that’s what you need.

“With SMS, we can reach a very large number of people and get short and effective messages across.”

Fiat & Abarth
Promotions for Brussels Motor Show
Promotions SMS example


Events are a great opportunity to stay connected with your prospects and customers. Whether these events are online or live by the way. And who doesn’t like being invited? SMS invitations give the customer a feeling of importance.

Invitations SMS example


We all agree that we receive far too many e-mails. So SMS is a great alternative for confirming a booking, an appointment, a delivery or even a purchase. You’ll have a better chance of being read!

Confirmation SMS example


Knowing the satisfaction of your customers is always interesting for your business. And SMS is an excellent way to send customer surveys to your contacts. Simple and fast, SMS will allow you to give a positive impression to your customer and to obtain very interesting information.

Review SMS example


You can use SMS to give your customers important information. Receiving this type of SMS shows that you are serious about your customers and in some cases can get reactions from them.

Notification SMS example

To conclude, we can say that SMS is a very powerful tool to communicate with your customers. Within the framework of SMS marketing campaigns or even other projects. So, don’t miss to use it!

And if you like the examples of SMS marketing campaigns in this article, they are directly available on the RingRing platform. Request your free 14-day trial and try them out! You want to know more about the possibilities of SMS campaigns? Contact us!

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