5 Free Late Payment Reminder Templates

Maïwenn Marchand
19 May, 2020

Late payments can be chaotic for small and large companies. In order to avoid maximum cash flow concerns and to organise a functional debt collection process, we propose 5 late payment reminder templates by SMS. For some time now, the use of mobile phones has been increasing. But in recent months, the phone has become our number one ally. Indeed, we spend more time sending messages, getting news from our friends or colleagues, staying connected via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. We spend about twice as much time on video calls as before. We check information and watch the news on our mobile phones.

Late payment reminder templates

This is why SMS is an incredibly effective tool for credit control. At RingRing we have found that approximately 80% of unpaid invoices can be successfully collected just by sending a payment reminder by SMS. As powerful as it is, be careful to use this tool properly. There are a few basic but important rules to follow when texting reminders. In order to be really efficient, the ideal is to prepare most of your templates in advance. Plan the sendings and then change some variables in the content if necessary. Before giving you some concrete examples, read these do’s and don’ts to prepare payment reminder templates.

5 Free Late payment reminders templates

Do’s & Dont’s for late payment reminders


  1. To improve customer experience, messages should include obvious information such as the identity, name and phone number of the sender. The amount and due date of the outstanding invoice. You can also ad a link to make a secure online payment. Sometimes a short link to the sender’s website is also efficient.
  2. Set the frequency of sending messages. Don’t bombard your customers but make sure they have enough time to act. Test different time intervals to see what leads to the most clicks and payments. Try to create a sense of urgency in your late payment reminder sample.
  3. Use powerful call to action triggers. The perfect call to action resonates with your audience and create a sense of urgency at the same time. Also, your call to action has to be clear and visible.


  1. Be careful with the most common errors for late payments messages. Avoid an unfriendly tone.
  2. Pay attention to the appearance of automation. Stay human as if you were personally sending the reminder. Don’t be aggressive or critical of late payments. Also, be sure to chase the good person for the late payment.
  3. If you are faced with late payments, respect the basic rules when sending SMS. No emojis or abbreviations, pay attention to the tone used, the permission to send an SMS,…

5 Effective payment reminder templates :

Late payments can be chaotic for small and large companies. In order to avoid a maximum of cash flow concerns and to organise a functional debt collection process, we propose 5 late payment reminder templates by SMS.

1. Invoice payment due

2. Upcoming invoice reminder

3. Late payment reminder template

4. Unpaid invoice reminder

5. Payment Plan Reminder

Late Payment Reminder T

Thanks to our expertise, we offer 5 typical examples of payment reminders by SMS. Use these templates to remind your customers or stakeholders that they have unpaid invoices.

Everyone is concerned…

Late payments happen to all companies and customers. The most important thing is how and to whom you communicate. Do not hesitate, if possible, to propose alternatives to your stakeholders. Discounts, payment plans or other solutions that will improve your customer relations and keep your cash flow up to date. Diversifying the types of messages and reminders you send permits a better customer experience. It also secures loyalty to your company.

If you’re ready to get started and learn more about how SMS can help you manage late payments, try our platform today.

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