2020’s Impact On SMS Statistics And Digital Interactions

Gaël Matendo
30 Dec, 2020

The year 2020 was a year with many twists and turns. A complex year, in which COVID-19 profoundly changed our habits. Companies and consumers had to adapt. The COVID and the resulting containment also affected our organisation. Despite all this, for RingRing it was a good year. SMS statistics have exploded in some sectors and new projects have emerged. Discover a summary of the year 2020 and consumer’s interactions in this report.

SMS Statistics in 2020

Text Messaging Statistics in 2020

2020 is a big step forward in digital interactions. We have observed a significant evolution in communications, especially in SMS. We have analysed with all our customers (and new customers) a unique increase in SMS statistics in different sectors. For example, The Belgian Public Sector increased their SMS statistics up to 122% in 2020!

According to a new study by Juniper Research, text messaging traffic will reach 3.5 trillion messages in 2020, rising to 3.2 trillion in 2019. Despite the economic impacts of COVID-19, this represents a growth of 7%. At RingRing, we have analysed an increase of 78% of automated SMS sent and an increase of 9% in automated calls among our users.

Download our full report below for all the 2020 digital interactions figures and SMS statistics.

[Want to learn more about our fact and figures for 2020? Download the full report!]

Digital Interactions Report 2020

Customer Experience remains central in 2020

At RingRing, we have a stable customer satisfaction score that borders on 100%. We have made further progress compared to last year. In addition to our own customer satisfaction, we also analyse our users’ interactions. In these complicated times, consumers need, more than ever, to feel supported. Tools such as NPS and satisfaction surveys can help you to have a better understanding of your end-users.

New ways of (tele)working

Teleworking has become the norm and many adaptations have been made in 2020. At RingRing, we have always done everything to ensure that our customers and their consumers get the best service. For example, we moved an entire contact centre to telework during containment. Now, employees can work safely from home without any other stress. Agents receive calls on their private phones. Above all, the files are processed securely thanks to the safe implementation. As the solution is a success, it has been extended to several departments.

All in all, many projects were born in this year of the digital transition. 2021 will continue in this vein. Beautiful products such as voice bots and chatbots and more efficient tools for satisfaction surveys are being developed. If you would like more information about 2020 SMS statistics or digital interaction solutions, contact our experts!

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