10 ways to re-engage with customers after covid-19

Maïwenn Marchand
28 Apr, 2020

It’s been more than a month since the Coronavirus turned our habits upside down. Many things have changed in the meantime. First, consumer habits have changed. We’re seeing a real shift to digital. Consumer habits have changed. Also, the ways of interacting with your customers, employees, stakeholders are different. This crisis is also an opportunity to refocus on the way we engage with customers. It is a new opportunity to improve your sales activities, your support, your marketing & communication, and much more. But how to re-engage with customers after coronavirus? Here are 10 ways to re-engage with customers after covid-19.

10 ways to re-engage with customers after covid-19

1. Reconnect with your customers via SMS marketing

According to the third edition of its E-Shopper Barometer, DPDgroup has published a large European survey on online shopping habits. This represents many opportunities for online retailers. Many retailers are developing specific applications to improve online sales. Sending SMS campaigns to re-engage customers can be interesting. Offer them your online shop as an alternative, send promotions or discounts campaigns. After the confinement, send updates to your business hours by SMS. The use of the crisis communication tool can help you to warn a large number of customers quickly about the new security and safety standards. Always be careful about the content of your messages, offer a solution to the customer’s problem. Otherwise, the message will be perceived as opportunistic by your clients.

2. Send delivery notifications

Still according to the e-shopper barometer, 72% of customers consider it important to know who will deliver. This reaction can be due to previous experiences (positive or negative). A missed delivery can be very annoying. Engage with your clients by using a simple delivery notification. Also, these messages are useful in a variety of industries. People like to know everything about the status of their order at all times.

3. Continue to commit by sending newsletters

You are used to sending newsletters? Continue. Email marketing remains a good base. Your customers will appreciate knowing about updates to your value-added services. Take also the opportunity to provide useful and relevant content. If you communicate on more practical matters such as health measures you are implementing or different schedules, accompany it with a text message to make sure it is read.

4. Make outbound campaign calls to re-engage

To be preventive and organise after covid appointments or avoid a flood of demands from your customers, you can use automated voice calls. Re-engage with your customers by preventing their possible demands. Call campaign manager allows you to make automatic calls to your customers to offer them various options (planning an appointment, for example). Afterwards, the call can be forwarded to the right contact person inside or outside your company. A lot of people will have questions about new opening hours or security updates. Be proactive and use automated calls to provide them with useful information.

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5. Use appointment reminders

During this rude period, we can’t afford to miss appointments. Whether as a professional or as a client, the appointment reminder will satisfy both parties. Especially since after confinement, many people will have appointments and no show is to be avoided. Create a custom message, specify the channels you want to use and send your reminders automatically. You will improve your customer engagement and decrease your losses.

6. Get back on track with contract or subscription reminders

Since the lockdown period is an off-peak period, it’s time to re-launch your customers and prospects. The world has come to a standstill and it is normal to remind your customers of your presence in a relevant way. Do you have contracts to relaunch? Subscription reminders to send? Use contract or registration reminders by voice or SMS to reconnect with customers. It is perfectly normal to restart the machine after an inactive period. If you don’t want to fall in the ocean of mails in the mailbox of your customers, use SMS or voice.

7. Send payment reminders to your clients

The confinement period may have allowed you to do the math. To pick up the files that were piling up on your desk. It’s time for innovation in all areas, including payment reminders. Letters and e-mails often fall into oblivion. Sending a payment reminder with an integrated payment link will allow your customer to pay directly with just a few clicks. This type of reminder is an interesting way to re-engage with clients. They experience payment recall as a positive service. Customers will appreciate a first text message or automatic call back more than a letter with a late payment supplement.

8. Combine communication tools to engage effectively

Emails are interesting to use, even more by combining it with other tools. Email can contain media files and are cost friendly. 83% of consumers prefer receiving businesses communication by mail. The ideal is to send a mail and to complete with an SMS or another tool according to your target. Indeed, the opening rate of the SMS is much higher than the mail. It will allow a more important impact and you will be sure that your mail is read. You can use the mail for various confirmations as well. Or, use mail to send longer content and a deeper insight to stay connected with your clients.

9. Manage incoming calls to get happy customers

During a period of crisis but also afterward, many questions arise. If you receive a large number of calls, keeping customers on hold for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your business. To avoid the flow of incoming calls and to intelligently divide the calls for your employees, there are various options. You can use an interactive voice response system. It will reduce long waits and improve the quality of your services.

Smart Interactive Voice Response is also a good option. All calls will be received, qualified and handled immediately. With SMART IVR, you have better control over incoming call traffic. This technology allows you to use your customers’ data and make a first « sort ». It will relieve your call center or employees. Above all, it permits to better respond to the demand of your customers. Re-engage with customers also goes through flawless customer support!

10. Keep your website updated

Keep your website updated. Put essential information visible to your clients. If you’re open and continue to propose your services, put a banner on your homepage. If re-opening is coming, communicate it clearly! You can also create a special « covid-19 » page to keep customers posted.

Finally, you can also assemble a custom-made product according to your customers’ needs. Our teams provide tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of each client. As many sectors are affected by the crisis, everyone needs a suitable solution. Want to know more about our custom solutions? Do not hesitate to contact our experts!

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