Proactive service, professional outbound messages

Your customers expect a proactive service. And your employees? They are continually occupied with a whole series of complex tasks. Which is why it’s not always easy to remain focused. However, in no way should this prejudice your customer relations.

That being the case, ensure an optimal service and strengthen the image of your company! RingRing’s targeted outbound voice notifications allow you to reach the right interaction with your customers. Differentiate your business today from the rest and contact us!

Function of Voice notifications

  • Connect your systems to the RingRing platform via our API (Application Programming Interface) for IVR Gateway or SMS Gateway.
  • Launch your IVR or SMS notifications automatically to notify your customers.
  • RingRing sends your voice messages and delivers you structured statistics.


Personalised outbound alerts: the voice of your business

Thanks to voice applications, your company remains in contact with your target group in a simple and direct way. Just connect your applications and websites to the IVR API tools and send voice notifications to all your customers… in Belgium and the rest of the world.

In this way you easily remain in direct contact with the whole of your target group. RingRing’s outbound alerts testify to their success by reaching various objectives:


Discover the benefits of outbound voice notifications

You would like to approach your customers via adapted outbound alerts? Then you enjoy the following benefits:

  • For all your outgoing notifications, RingRing devises a scenario adapted to your company. It’s only in this way that we can guarantee you a made-to-measure user-friendly tool.
  • The outbound notifications give you access to all the possibilities the cloud platform has to offer. What we call full service!
  • You have a scalable IVR API at your fingertips, compatible with every kind of platform.
  • You contact your clients for the price of a standard call. Which makes our outbound notifications a budget-friendly solution.
  • With the Pay As You Go principal you only pay for the use you make of the system.
  • You can use the notifications as a control tool thanks to the detailed reports from all your campaigns.
  • This service of RingRing’s allows you to make hundreds to thousands of calls per hour. National and international.
    • inform: send your voice messages automatically to your contacts.
    • confirm: a meeting, a delivery or an order? Confirm them via our notifications!
    • alert: ensure effective crisis management with real time voice messages.
    • analyse: collect important information such as feedback from your customers.
  • The system collects and validates real time information that you can consult via the web interface.


Smooth functioning of outbound voice notifications

The success of your outbound notifications? It’s all down to flexibility. In fact, it’s you who chooses the way your message reaches the recipient. Perhaps you opt for a pre-recorded voice message? Or perhaps you prefer to send a text message with personalised information? The latter is for example suitable as payment reminder, debt collector or for shipping notifications.

And of course you also use alerts for automated telephone campaigns.

Three easy steps and you’re off

  • Connect your tools to our IVR API via a simple web service.
  • Our systems send your voice messages according to your wishes.
  • You follow up the delivery status of all voice messages handled.


Some references: you’re in good company

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