RingRing places at your disposal its SMSIVR platform to support you in setting up SMS competitions, interactive games, quizzes or phone voting.

RingRing guarantees the interactivity of a large number of SMS competitions and televoting in the media on a daily basis. Just some of our references: the Eurovision song contest, the consolidated votes via SMS, voice and Facebook for The Voice Belgique on the RTBF and many interactive games in the dailies and magazines.

RingRing can offer you a concrete scenario and will give you a detailed overview of the start-up costs and the return you can expect. Moreover our team is on hand to offer help and advice concerning the complex legislation surrounding games of chance.

SMS competitions works like

The RingRing tools are accessible via a web interface and the various functions enable you to manage all your mobile campaigns:

  • SMS management: manage your SMS traffic in real time along with an extensive choice of options
  • Info service via SMS: send information via SMS
  • Voting management: organise voting via SMS and process the results
  • SMS games: create and organise SMS competitions
  • SMS Mailer: send a large number of SMS messages and follow them up
  • Automatic replies via SMS or IVR: send an automatic reply to incoming messages.


Benefits of the RingRing Cloud Services

SMS competitions, interactive games and televoting are an original way to come into contact with your audience. This allows you to:

  • strengthen client relations and boost customer loyalty
  • improve the visibility of the brand and its reputation
  • an attractive price tag since there is no need to buy equipment nor maintain it
  • generate additional income
  • collect personalised data on your clients
  • give a boost to your events  and promotional activities
  • support the launching of new products.


References – SMS notifications

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