A set of services developed to make electronic communications legally binding and eco-friendly

Get proof of your electronic communications. All our registered communications services issue a PDF document that certifies the time and date of delivery, the sender, the recipient, the content and any attachments of the message. We keep the certificate for 5 years.

Certified SMS

How does it work?

  • Registered SMS: Send messages from our applications. Lleida.net certifies the phone number of the sender and the recipient, the content of the message, and the date and time when it was sent.
  • Registered e-mail: Use your usual email client, adding in the Cc  field: mail@registered.lleida.net. We certify the email address of sender and recipient, as well as the content, time and date and any attachments.
  • Registered SMS Contract: The user sends an SMS to the party with whom they wish to contract, including the proposal in the SMS. If there is a reply, Lleida.net issues a certi cate with the content of the proposal and the reply.
  • Registered e-mail Contract: Lleida.net assigns an email address to the sender who must enter, in the subject  field, a reference and the email address of the recipient. Once Lleida.net receives the email, it is processed and sent to the email address included in the subject  field. When the recipient replies to the email, Lleida.net processes the response and issues a certificate to both sender and recipient. This certificate contains the proposal and the reply.


A lot of advantages

A set of services developed to make electronic communications effective, efficient, legally binding and eco-friendly.

  • Legally binding: Turn your eCommunications into legally binding documents.
  • Savings: Ecommunications can be 10 times cheaper than using paper and still remain legally binding. They are also time-savers, as they can be easily integrated with your back office system.
  • Trusted third party: As a telecommunications operator, Lleida has always dealt with the security of their customers’ data, and they have a wealth of experience as a trusted third party.
  • Eco-friendly: Replace paper with technology and save trees.
  • User-friendly: No set ups are required. Integrate them into your platform.


References – Registered eCommunications

Be sure to register all your transactions

Turn your eCommunications into legally binding documents. If you need to send a customised offer that should be immediately accepted, then our registered eCommunications are for you. Contact one of our experts via phone +32 2 334 23 00, fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to sales@ringring.be.