Manage your inbound calls with ease with the security of a one time password (OTP)

Automatically generated passwords – also known as two factor authentication – have been invented to better manage your inbound call centre.

With these SMS or voice-based passwords you limit the risk of unauthorized users having access to your data and applications.

Once the one-time only password has been inputted by the user it becomes invalid. In contrast to the traditional static passwords, this technology created by RingRing takes no prisoners with hackers and would-be intruders.

one time password technologie

How does this electronic identification work exactly?

one time password technologyOur OTP technology? You can safely consider it as an extra protective layer on your applications and software.

The user chosen by you is sent an extra password with which he carries out a particular action.

Via SMS or voice notifications on both land lines and mobile phones: you have total control.

one time password technology

Clever password verification: the possibilities

Helpdesk management, crisis communication and satisfaction surveys: our SMS solutions have often been used to optimize a number of company activities. The One-Time Password tool is also part of it.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

  • You heighten the security of your whole network: your company, your employees and your partners
  • The one-time password verification works very fast
  • The solution is easy to integrate with your OTP software

one time password technology

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one time password technology

Improve your inbound calls with RingRing’s one time password solution

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