Send personalised emails with an objective

When sending bulk mails it’s never easy to specify addressees in e-mail communication. Sometimes however you wish to reach a select target group. Fast and personalised messages with an objective is what RingRing aims at.

The email notifications’ option allows you to send important e-mails to the right people in no time at all. No telephone calls or extra paper work, but functional mails that always hit the mark.

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How our email notifications work

Email notificationsUsing selected criteria our e-mail notifications software sends mails to your whole target group.

What’s more, each recipient receives the message in their own language. E-mail alerts actioned?

Then you receive a transparent overview of the results afterwards.

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Maximise your possibilities

Our email notifications technology supports all sorts of tools and software. Have your cake and eat it with this feature and maximise your possibilities:

  • Define your criteria for sending email notifications in advance
  • Create your own personalised notification template
  • Make the desired information accessible for all your target groups


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Ensure your customers remain informed

You are well aware of the importance of email communications? Then contact our RingRing experts on +32 2 334 23 00, fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to