Customer Self-Service

To optimize customer relationship, informationlines and customer support, Ring Ring has made it possible for external or internal call centers to receive for them large volumes of calls without the need for investment in a costly infrastructure.

Our speciality: diminishing your calls, structuring caller’s requests better and bringing them into contact straight away with the appropriate person(s) in your organization.

Ring Ring manages the platform for you, the implementation and translation of the IVR scripts and the contacts with the operators. We have also developed various tools for call centres that are useful on the level of customer relationship, for example :

  • The ‘satisfaction survey’ module
  • The ‘sales point search’ module
  • The ‘call centre on demand’ (CCOD).
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Function of customer self-service, info line & customer support

Ring Ring implements automated IVR applications that optimize each telephone contact between you and your customers. An ideal solution for your customer relationship :

  • Queries, orders or possible complaints: all calls are handled with the utmost efficiency.
  • Our mission: to route every call to the qualified operator who is available in your company and react to your customers’ most frequent questions as well as replying to them automatically by scanning your system via queries and API.
  • Our platform replies automatically to telephone queries by integrating all the tools linked to the telephone and SMS.
  • Our experts in the area of user interfaces will guide you in editing and updating your IVR scenarios.

Advantages of customer self-service, info cloudlines & customer support

An automated system for customer self-service offers your company the following advantages :

  • Complementary with internal and external call centres
  • A unique and multilingual contact point for all your incoming calls
  • Available 24/24 and 7/7
  • Simultaneous processing of a large number of calls
  • Automation of recurring queries
  • 100% automated processing of your calls, either in “overflow” from your call center, or whenever your call center is closed (scalability)
  • Management of your calls adapted to the hour and day of the call on the basis of the profile of the client or telephone number, CLI (caller line identification), recognition by means of a client number.
  • Connection to you data bases (web services, …) to supply the callers with sufficient information
  • Automatic transfer of calls and autonomous configuration of your transferred calls
  • Better service and increased customer satisfaction

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