Create an extension for your service contracts

Your customers also receive post daily. Important documents often get mixed up with less important papers. This results in a contract not being signed on time or never being signed at all. The result: you are stuck with an incomplete dossier because the signed contract hasn’t been returned. Send a second copy per post? It’s a possibility. Or perhaps call the customer. Another possibility. But what’s more effective is an SMS subscription reminder. Operators, energy and water companies, media giants and so many more companies use them. That’s how they can react more quickly.

Perhaps you work with service contracts or other important documents that need your customer’s signature? Then RingRing’s SaaS tool is the hosted software you need.

subscription reminder

How our subscription software works

subscription reminderUsing RingRing’s cloud hosted software you can send fast text messages at the times you choose.

Notify your customers that there are still a few important papers needed to ensure guaranteeing them the best service. Your customers can go into action immediately.

And you? You save yourself valuable time and money, all thanks to an efficient way of working.

Did you know that you can also send practical payment reminders? Learn more about this RingRing tool and manage your payment reminders at the drop of a hat.

subscription reminder

Why opt for contract reminders?

Your customers are mobile. They expect you to follow them. Meet their needs and let them discover the numerous options themselves:

  • Compatibel met alle mobiele apparaten
  • Korte en doeltreffende berichten
  • Persoonlijke contract reminders

subscription reminder

References – Contract and Subscription reminder

Enhance the follow-up of your contracts and subscriptions

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