Use a multi-platform approach for all your appointments

Your time is precious, we know that. There’s nothing so annoying as a lead or customer not showing up. And that’s why we’ve come up with the RingRing appointment reminders.

A no-show reduction of more than 50 % is proof enough of the importance of a multi-platform approach. The appointment reminder module via voice, SMS and e-mail proves it.

Companies throughout Europe also use appointment reminder software as a replacement for the traditional reminder letter.

appointment reminder

How it works

A voice message as meeting reminder? Or do you opt for short messages per SMS?

Or perhaps you prefer e-mail because it’s what you’re the most used to using.

In the event you don’t have a preference there is even the possibility of a combination of all the above-mentioned media.

As the voice of your personal agenda, the software sends an automated appointment reminder whenever you so wish.

appointment reminder

Your package of benefits

The added value of appointment reminders goes a long way:

  • We process Your tone-of-voice in a tailor-made reminder
  • You avoid the fact of customers and partners not showing up
  • You increase your return by making optimal use of your time

appointment reminder

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Be assured of all your meetings

Assured all your meeting will go through? Manage your chock-full agenda even better with the RingRing software. Contact our experts on +32 2 334 23 00, fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to