Our IVR & SMS solutions

Whatever your type of company – big or small -RingRing provides SMS and IVR solutions, and value-added services and supports you in the development of your project.

Your guarantee: get the most out of your investment in our interactive telephony solutions and customized SMS, IVR & APPS.

RingRing SMS IVR Apps

To choose RingRing is benefiting of the following solutions and value added services:


Development and IT integration

RingRing provides the necessary integration for the implementation of all types of IVR applications (IVR) or SMS, including Web services (XML, SOAP, …), data services or file sharing (API, HTTP, FTP, …).


IVR script and SMS interactivity

RingRing creates, develops and implements all your IVR scenarios to improve the routing and flow of your phone calls. Create a call script or SMS scenario may seem simple. But designing an good interface is difficult. The RingRing’s expertise in this field guide you to build effective campaigns.


Marketing, Premium and geographical numbers

“Premium” services allow businesses to market products and services while generating an income stream (0900, 0903, 0905, 070, …). RingRing can also handle freephone (0800) as well as local access numbers (02, 011, …) in Belgium and worldwide.


Premium and Bulk SMS Services

RingRing offers for Belgium and many European countries premium shortcodes but also the possibility to send free messages (SMS bulk).


Professional voice recordings

RingRing has the experience and voice libraries necessary to produce high quality voice recordings in main European languages. They will deliver your message with accuracy and the right tone that you want.

megaphone text2speech

Text-To-Speech technology – TTS

RingRing integrates TTS applications in your voice applications. This technology enables to transform a written text in voice through a computer system. A reference? The weather forecast of the Royal Meteorological Institute (http://www.meteo.be). RingRing also uses the Text2Speech in many applications of voice notifications.


Statistical Reports

An important feature of our voice and SMS services is the ability to generate statistical reports and detailed graphics. This system of notification and assessment allows you to control and monitor the performance of your IVR and SMS campaigns.