IVR and SMS solutions in media

RingRing devises, develops and implements all frequently used IVR and SMS solutions in media and Entertainment.

In this market segment, RingRing’s IVR and SMS technology is used to increase interactivity between the media and listeners, readers or viewers. RingRing’s applications are used to organise competitions via premium or free marketing numbers (radio or TV games on the VRTRTBFVIER & VIJF TV, etc.), ensuring voting for candidates runs smoothly (The Voice Belgique, Eurovision Song Festival) and the playing of interactive game shows (spelling games and crossword puzzles).

Besides this, RingRing’s interactive telephone solutions such as SMS Bulk, SMS Mailer, SMS Gateway and automated telephone campaign offer a wealth of possibilities in the area of savings schemes and loyalty campaigns, reservations lines or charity shows to raise funds (Cap 48, etc…).

These interactive applications are for a large part financed by the costs of sending or receiving SMS’s and/or the calls generated during these campaigns.

RingRing also develops various web applications on a daily basis allowing actors in this market segment to analyse the statistics of (and the return on) their campaigns.

Media companies have every reason to call upon the services of RingRing: the flexibility of our programming solutions, the fast implementation, the ROI (Return On Investment), the personalised management of their dossier, the direct contacts with the four Belgian mobile operators and the conformity with the Belgian code of ethics in the area of interactive telephony.

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