SMS and IVR solutions in Healthcare sector

RingRing devises, develops and implements all frequently used SMS and IVR solutions in health care sector & services for individuals.

The benefit for patients and individuals is their being better informed. At the same time you reduce costs thanks to competitive information services in real time: appointment reminders, reservations, programmed check-ups, alerts, follow-up programmes … There are numerous speech and SMS applications that facilitate the lives of the population.

Moreover, RingRing’s interactive telephone solutions such as SMS Bulk, SMS Mailer, SMS Gateway and automated telephone campaigns offer a wealth of possibilities in the area of automated notifications, information on a whole range of services as well as crisis communication where necessary.

Automated telephone campaigns also allow you, at a reduced cost, to reach your clients via a pre-recorded and personalised message with a high level of interactivity. These campaigns constitute a cheap and efficient way to offer individuals follow-up services and reminders, etc…

The services for individuals and health care sectors have every reason to call upon the services of RingRing: the flexibility of our programming solutions, the fast implementation, the ROI (Return On Investment), the personalised management of their dossier, the direct contacts with the four Belgian mobile operators and the conformity with the Belgian code of ethics in the area of interactive telephony.

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