SMS and IVR solutions in Call centres

RingRing devises, develops and implements all frequently used SMS and IVR solutions in Call centres, customer relations, information lines and customer support in companies.

RingRing makes it possible for external or internal call centres to receive a large number of calls without having to invest in a cumbersome infrastructure, to lighten the flow of calls, to structure callers’ enquiries better and to bring them into direct contact with the person in question.

Customer services, helpdesk and info lines are available 24/7 reinforcing your availability towards your customers. Your customer relationship become more professional and you’ll certainly feel the impact!

Thanks to the use of these IVR solutions in Call centres you can automate certain tasks and reduce the waiting time for your customers on the telephone.

RingRing takes over the management of the platform, the formulation and translation of the IVR texts and the contacts with the operators.

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Our IVR solutions in Call centres allow you to:

  • relieve your info lines,
  • handle recurring queries in an automated manner,
  • channel specific queries to those qualified available to answer them at that moment,
  • shorten the time to answer as well as improving the quality of the answers given to the consumer.

Call centres, customer services and helpdesks have every reason to call upon the services of RingRing: the flexibility of our programming solutions, the fast implementation, the ROI (Return On Investment), the personalised management of their dossier, the direct contacts with the four Belgian mobile operators and the conformity with the Belgian code of ethics in the area of interactive telephony.


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