RingRing’s services: something for your company too

The RingRing Company compiles years of experience with multi-availability. To do this we work together with various sectors:

The public sector

RingRing has dedicated itself to the development and implementation of Voice and SMS solutions in the public sector and numerous associations. We support as ever good causes, together with the Belgian mobile operators (Proximus, Telenet, Mobistar and Base).

Often as not it concerns technologies that enhance the interaction with the population. Companies reap the benefits of these tools for both administrative as well as sales objectives.

Energy companies

Energy companies have to be able to react even faster in difficult situations. It’s only in this way they can supply their customers with the most optimal service.

For instance, Lampiris used the SMS notifications to notify some 140,000 customers about the famous black-out test. Lampiris, as well as its customers, benefited from the advantages of RingRing’s technology: continuous customer support along with real time information on the state of affairs.

Call centres & helpdesks

Is it really necessary to reiterate that call centres streamline their services and communication using RingRing’s tools?

Our IVR solutions are the surest way to optimize call centre activities resulting in customers receiving an ever better service.

Online shops, retail & distribution

In Belgium too e-commerce is on the up. RingRing’s IVR and SMS solutions have given this trend even more leverage to reach a higher level. How? It’s very simple.

Not only do logistic processes get a serious boost, customers also receive a better insight into the status of their order. The flexibility, fast implementation as well as the ROI make RingRing the partner of choice for every online shop.

Media companies

Numerous Belgian media giants count on RingRing’s upgraded solutions to enhance commitment among their listeners, viewers, readers and partners.

SMS Bulk, SMS Gateway and of course also automated telephone campaigns spring to mind!

Banks and insurers

Today, the financial sector sees that their clients are becoming increasingly more mobile. Together with RingRing, various banks and insurers fulfil the wishes of their forever evolving and demanding clients.

Real time updates, voice solutions and payment reminders are just some examples.

The health sector

Thanks to a range of RingRing solutions such as alerts, appointment reminders and interactive telephone solutions, patients and partners in the health sector are now much better informed.

Hospitals reach their contacts and patients via automated telephone campaigns and personalised messages. The result? Reduction in costs and increased interaction.


RingRing supplies competitive information services in real time, leading naturally to a strengthening of customer relations. For instance, the ICT, telecom and software world very often uses voice notifications and API.

However, IVR and SMS solutions also play their part: in helpdesk management, crisis communication and satisfaction surveys: this segment is no stranger to all of this. Moreover, RingRing also notices the parallel use of its OTP technology. A handy feature to fight fraud!

Marketing and communication

Where brand and consumer meet, RingRing is undoubtedly there too: our IVR and SMS applications have more than proved their worth in competition games, promotional marketing campaigns and traffic building campaigns, such as for instance on Open Days and at events.

Automotive sector

Appointment reminders, reservation of test cars, scheduled servicing, planning for winter tyres; RingRing facilitates the life of both consumer as well as companies in the automotive sector.

Various applications such as SMS Bulk, SMS Mailer and automated telephone campaigns open a great deal of doors for promotional purposes, crisis communication and fidelity campaigns.

Now it’s your turn

What about you, which of the RingRing solutions are you going to start with? Learn all about the possibilities open to you and contact our experts on +32 2 334 23 00, fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to sales@ringring.be.