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Did you already know that we now also have our own hosted IVR platform? It’s time to learn about RingRing’s VoiceXML hosting tool! Via this VoiceXML platform we offer your company the possibility of implementing reliable IVR solutions in the most cost effective way.

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VoiceXML as IVR solution in your company

The benefit of VoiceXML? You’ll find that in its accessibility. The internet language allows you to use our web applications to simply send a message all over the world. And it’s up to you to choose the recipients! RingRing hosts the application on its own IVR server. We ensure that this hosted solution integrates seamlessly in your business.

VoiceXML (VXML): intelligent technology in a nutshell:

VoiceXML is a language used to define voice interfaces. In the dialogue structure the voice application is comprised of various VoiceXML elements. The latter in their turn contain a series of phrases that are transformed into voice as soon as a call comes in. This could refer to menu options, voice-driven tasks and grammatical recognition. Practical!

VoiceXML and IVR hosting: how does it work?

  • Your customer agents choose how they enter the message: by telephone or with online text messages.
  • Irrespective of the chosen medium, the application converts your message into a text or audio message.
  • Your messages can be sent to landlines, mobile numbers, SMS messages, fax, e-mail or voice over IP. The possibilities are endless!

cloudIn dialogue with your customers: the benefits of VoiceXML

  • The dialogue structure is the information you need to indicate, which testifies to user-friendliness.
  • VoiceXML is a scalable tool, given that you can save all modular elements (logic of interaction, dialogues, grammar, …) separately in order to use them in other applications!
  • The application is saved as a text file. Thus VoiceXML makes it possible to develop intelligent dialogue tools without you having to pay any attention to voice recognition or synthesis.

Voicexml platform referencesSome references: you’re in good company

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