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Does your company use customer service software? In that case, you are working with an interactive voice response (IVR) script and similar features, allowing your customers easy navigation through the telephone menu. And yet, setting up IVR systems remains very complex. It requires a number of crucial elements such as a user-friendly interface and a solid routing performance.

From now on RingRing’s voice applications are at your fingertips offering you THE solution. They allow you to optimize all incoming requests, orders of other feedback. And all this in a totally automated manner.

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Your optimized flow, our IVR software: features

RingRing’s IVR software works as a communications application that optimizes your call flow. It also includes the automated self-service function. And what do you think of the speech recognition in VoiceXML, that tracks possible voice recognition faults? This results in all your employees being able to work a great deal more efficiently and flexibly. What’s more: in no time at all your ROI increases!

Features of voice applications in your company

  • Our platform uses an automated voice to send every call to the most appropriate operator or extension.
  • Your tools are consulted via queries and API, allowing you to answer your customers’ most recurring questions.
  • The system connects seamlessly to all the tools linked to telephone and SMS. Our solution then handles telephone calls automatically.
  • The RingRing experts know everything there is to know about user interfaces. Which is why they are on hand to guide you in elaborating or adapting your IVR scripts.

cloudVoice applications: the list of benefits

How do RingRing voice applications make a difference? Through an exceptional combination of benefits:

  • You have one central multilingual contact for all your incoming calls. Thus you lay and retain the basis of trust.
  • You can be reached 24/7 giving your clients the feeling that they can always be helped.
  • You automate all the recurring inquiries, thus diminishing the workload.
  • You have the advantage of automated call transfer. With autonomous configuration.
  • You improve your service and increase productivity.
  • You carry out better controls, thanks to detailed statistics comprising more than 50 reports.

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