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RingRing’s API Voice API is the simplest and effective way to stay in contact with your target groups. Connect your apps and websites to our Voice API and start right away to send your voice messages to customers. Enhance your customer relations with RingRing’s Voice solutions to notify your customers automatically and in a personalised manner.

The choice is yours how you would like the message delivered: via a pre-recorded voice message or using TTS with personalised information (payment still due, approaching delivery time, parking space to be provided, number of the package, password, etc.).

What are the Voice API Use Cases? Voice API allows you to


Send your voice messages automatically to your contacts’ list


An order, a delivery or an appointment


Via a voice message in real time in order to react rapidly in the event of problems, incidents or to act preventively


your online transactions by adding a two-factor authentification

Function of our Voice API

RingRing’s Voice API allows you to manage your automated calls

  • Connect to our Voice API using a simple web service: provide phone number, date and hour of sending, IVR script and operator.
  • The Voice API sends your voice messages according to your parameters.
  • The Voice API makes it possible to follow the delivery status of all the voice messages that are handled by your account.

Other Voice API features allow you :

  • To play a simple voice scenario
  • Include an IVR Menu
  • Initiate a Voice Deposit (only available in Belgium)
  • Execute your own VoiceXML code on our platform

The Voice API Tool allows you to have an overview of all the outbound calls that are programmed and to select a view by date range.

voice api call list

The Voice API Tool also allows you to have more details on a specific outbound call or voice deposit message such as phone number called, language, call duration and the status of the call.

voice api call details

Finally, The Voice API Tool gives you the opportunity to program outbound calls on your own in an easy way. You can either use JSON, XML or cURL programming language.

voice api programming

Voice gateway

Advantages of our Voice API

RingRing’s Voice API allows you to use the Voice resources of our cloud infrastructure completely autonomously. This gives you direct access to a large number of customers.

  • User-friendly: RingRing offers you a choice of pre-defined scenarios in various domains or works out a script for you on the basis of your briefing.
  • No investment: you use the resources of RingRing’s cloud platform.
  • Inexpensive: you contact your customers for the cost of a simple phone call.
  • Pay per use: you pay depending on your use of the system.
  • Adapted to your needs: from a few hundred to tens of thousands of calls per hour.
  • Allows you to call no matter which landline, mobile or foreign number.

Collects and validates information in real time that you can consult via a web interface.


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