Integrate sending and receiving SMS messages in the daily life of your organisation.

Your clients, staff or partners are always reachable on their mobile or smartphone. An SMS has become the most direct manner to communicate with your business contacts.

Email To SMS, RingRing’s solution for sending SMS’s via email, can be integrated quickly into your present e-mail programme. You can send and receive text messages in the same way you send and receive normal mails.

Enhance your customer relations with RingRing’s SMS and IVR solutions by notifying your customers and partners in an automated and personalised manner about various subjects.

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Our Email To SMS tariffs:
Monthly fee: 39€ | Price per SMS: 0,09€

Function of the Email To SMS application

  • Email to SMS uses your present email programme to send your text messages.
  • Works exactly the same as the sending of a traditional email; only the address of the addressee is different (e.g.
  • Email to SMS allows you to send and receive your text messages from whatever email software in use (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, …).
  • The app allows you to receive instant notifications as well as the delivery status of your messages.
  • The app allows you to secure access only to specific mail addresses or domain names.
  • The app allows you to retain the SMS conversation function.
  • Email 2 SMS can also be integrated in your automated processes.
  • Email 2 SMS supports email in text and HTML format as well as messages of more than 160 characters.


Advantages of Email To SMS

  • Available 24/7,
  • Sending and receiving text messages in real time via email,
  • Fast implementation – Ease of use via your emails,
  • No development or ICT integration required,
  • Easily accessible via your mail programme.

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