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Why e-mail API

E-mail remains the most-used medium to communicate with your customers. Unfortunately it is both time-consuming and costly.

Which explains why a lot of companies are looking for the most efficient and above all securest way to optimize their e-mail communications.

Or put simply: RingRing’s e-mail API. Thanks to this effective tool you can easily integrate your database programmes with our systems. A single infrastructure, endless possibilities.

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how e-mail API works

Monitor your e-mail delivery

An optimal delivery rate for all your mails? That’s what you get with our monitoring services. A great many companies such as yours are also using e-mail API technology to strengthen their online presence.

This is possible via both websites as well as applications. In just a few steps you can send transactional and data fed e-mails, specific e-commerce transaction notifications and personalised one-to-one messages. With the guarantee that every e-mail arrives at the preferred recipient.

Whether you send 10 or 1,000 e-mails on a monthly basis: RingRing’s technologies are scaled to meet your marketing profile.

This is how it works

how e-mail API works

At RingRing you are given a cloud-based e-mail delivery platform that seamlessly connects to your opt-in address file. Ideal for example for sending transactional e-mails, right!

We integrate e-mail API in all your tools and databases. Your applications run on our SMTP cloud server, leaving you to focus on the most important thing: your business.

how e-mail API worksDirect mail via API: surprisingly advantageous

You are well aware that API tools improve your online marketing. But did you know that this technology can also have a positive impact on your company as a whole?

Just a few of the possibilities

  • Create new segments and adapted reporting, based on time, category, ISP, location and type of device
  • Applying smooth A/B testing to send out completely automated the most effective e-mails
  • Safe in the knowledge that your e-mail will be delivered, thereby reinforcing your customer service
  • Send your transactional e-mails quickly and target-oriented
  • Synchronise customer data with all your other systems
  • Analyse results thanks to real time statistics with click ratios, number of deregisters and numerous other metrics

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how e-mail API worksBoost your marketing communication with RingRing’s e-mail API

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