Use RingRing’s VOICE (IVR) or SMS Alerts to inform your public about important events or situations which would necessitate them taking action: crisis communication, weather warnings, bad weather conditions, accidents, etc.

These alerts can be triggered automatically.

RingRing places IVR and SMS solutions at your disposal allowing you, via our API (Application Programming Interface), to alert your public should similar circumstances arise. You can choose to deliver your message, either as a pre-recorded voice message or as an SMS.

Function of crisis communication

  • Connect your systems to the RingRing cloud platform.
  • Launch your requests automatically to alert your public in the event of an alarm or crisis and self-manage your communication.
  • RingRing takes care of sending your voice messages and SMS’s (according to your parameters) and supplies you with structured statistics.


Advantages of our solutions for crisis communication

RingRing’s IVR and SMS solutions for crisis communication guarantee you a high quality service:

  • Send SMS’s in “batch” or in real time thanks to our SMS Gateway
  • API compatible with every type of platform
  • Fast implementation
  • Unique connection with all Belgian and with foreign operators.


References – SMS notifications

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Customer Testimonials – Crisis Communication

Gaetan Smets Ethias

The system developed by Ethiashet Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut and our partner RingRing makes it possible to warn all our insured people that bad weather conditions are arising and that they could create damage. Thanks to this innovative automated sms-notification and prevention Ethias reduced the number of people affected by damages due to bad weather conditions.

– Gaëtan Smets, Head of B2B Marketing –


In the framework of our Business Continuity Plan, at QBE Re we were looking for a fast and efficient online application for sending SMS messages to all our personnel in the event of an emergency or an emergency exercise. RingRing’s Crisis Communication Center came up with the solution. We are extremely satisfied with this application as well as the RingRing team’s professional approach to the matter.

– Philippe Poncelet – Processes & Operational Risk Management & Business Continuity Manager –