Certify your outgoing and incoming SMS messages

Why you must certify your SMS’s

The Certified SMS will allow you to seal deals anywhere, any time and with full legal validity.

With a certified SMS you can easily turn a text message into a legal binding document that could be used as evidence in a court of law.

You will be able to send messages from your applications or mobile phone that will certify the phone number of the sender, the recipient, the content of the message, as date and time.

Certified SMS

Certified SMSWhat is the added value for your business?

Thanks to Certified SMS you will be able to turn your eCommunications into legally binding documents. In that way you can easily send text messages from your applications or mobile phone and make sure that these are legally binded.

eCommunications can be 10 times cheaper than using paper and still remain legal. They are also great time-savers, as they can be easily integrated with your back office system.

You also won’t have to worry about where to store all this data because we will store these certificates for you for 5 years. You will have access to all those data with an easy click.

What can it be used for?

Certified SMSThis service can be used for several departements in your company such as:

  • Human Resources department: Should you need to send some memorandum and notices, documents concerning changing working conditions, new schedules or medical appointments.
  • Purchases Department: Should you need to register budget acceptances, communicate with vendors, make an official annoucement, publicate the final results of your company.
  • Sales Department: send an certified offer to your clients.
  • Customer Service Department: send passwords to your users, send notifactions and warnings.
  • Accounting Department: ask for SEPA eMandates, register debit changes, send payement reminders to your customers, send a certified unpaid claim with legal value and have an easy controlled commincation with suppliers.

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werking van email APIImprove your business thanks to the Certified SMS

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