customer survey mix of IVR, SMS and e-mail

Like we mentioned in our blog post “Choose the right solution for your customer survey: a comparison of alternatives“, there are a lot of channels to choose from. But, as some might say, choosing is losing. But you might as well choose a mix of different channels, to maximize your survey impact. Ready for a channel fusion? Here are some reasons to go for the mix. Definitely if you’re in one of the following situations.


1. You want to target different stakeholder groups with different channels

If your brand uses different touchpoints for different customers, it’s not smart to use only one channel. Let’s say you are a non-profit organization. You engage people through SMS and IVR, but you also target companies via e-mail. Then it’s best to use the channels you use to reach out for gathering feedback.


2. You want to reach customers throughout their customer journey

No matter what business you’re in, your customer has different touchpoints with your brand, both online and offline. Suppose you’re an ecommerce company. Your customer places his order through your native app. At that point of time, it makes sense to ask your customer about his experience in the app itself. And once the product is delivered, your customer might feel delighted or dissatisfied. It’s useful to capture that sentiment via SMS or e-mail. The power of the combination provides you with an insightful story of the customer journey. And that’s only possible when you tap into multiple feedback channels.


3. You want to improve response rate among low engagement customers

If you’re using just one channel for customer feedback, improving response rate will not happen by sending out more and more reminders. That would just annoy your customers. It’s useful to supplement your channel with another one, based on the preferences of your customers. Suppose you have a feedback program via e-mail. Then it might be interesting to try to gather feedback through IVR or SMS. You can use the trial-and-error method, to see what combination of channels works best for your situation.


4. You want to reach your customers where they are

What is the one thing you never forget when you leave for work, when you go on vacation or when you go to the supermarket? That’s right: your mobile phone. And you’re not the only one. Research shows that people check their phones up to 150 times a day, and 97% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. That’s why a survey through SMS or IVR is a great way of expanding your reach, in addition to other channels.


Choose wisely

No matter what you do, follow the behaviours and preferences of your customers. Surveying your customers through your app might be at least thoughtless, if your app is way from popular. However, if you choose the right channels, you reach your customers in different ways, allowing you to get higher response rates, higher quality feedback, and more opportunities to grow your business.


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