Payment reminder via IVR telephone call

Reduce the number of unpaid invoices: send an automated payment reminder via an IVR Telephone call or an SMS.

Your customers receive a pre-recorded dynamic telephone call. Interactive telephone campaigns allow you to send fast and simple messages that are cheaper than a letter or a telephone call from one of your call center employees.

Ring Ring can also work out a more comprehensive and interactive call scenario. The call can for example be transferred to a qualified operator or a confirmation SMS can be sent with the payment details.

Function of automated payment reminders

  • Choose a predefined call scenario for your IVR and SMS campaigns.
  • The list of calls to be processed and the personalised data can be delivered via FTP, e-mail or web services.
  • Ring Ring launches your campaigns with payment reminders according to your parameters and delivers you detailed statistics.


Benefits of our solutions for payment reminders

Reduce your costs by using Ring Ring’s automated payment reminders to.

Benefits for you:

  • User-friendly: Ring Ring offers you a variety of predefined scenarios, works out your scenario on the basis of a briefing or places its API at your disposal.
  • No investment: you use RingRing’s cloud platform infrastructure for IVR and SMS.
  • Inexpensive: you contact your customers for the price of a telephone call.
  • Pay per use: you pay depending on your use of the system.
  • Adapted to your needs: from a few hundred to tens of thousands of calls per hour.
  • Statistic tool: you receive a detailed and structured report of your campaigns.
  • You can contact every landline, mobile or foreign telephone number.
  • Collect and validate information in real time, and consult it via web interface.


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