Measuring customer satisfaction

Do you think your company is doing an awesome job? Great. But honestly: how to prove it? The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and only your customers really experience your offer and service. So, creating a survey isn’t a bad idea. But what should you ask your customers? Here are 5 basic questions that could be useful for your survey.


1. How happy are you with us?

This question is a great start: it’s easy and gives you a first and profound insight. Allow your customer to answer with a five-point scale and restricted answers. You still need additional questions to gain more actionable insights.


2. How do you rate the following aspects of our company?

In this question, your customer can evaluate the quality of specific aspects of your company, such as your products and services, your customer support, etc. You can allow your customers to rate these aspects in the following scale: poor, average, good, excellent.


3. How likely are you to recommend our company?

This is the classical and popular question, using a rating of 0 to 10, and allowing you to measure your Net Promotor Score (NPS). It’s the perfect satisfaction metric to track over longer periods of time, and has a direct correlation with the success of your company.


4. Do you intend to return within the next 30 days?

If you compare the costs of attracting a new customer versus retaining an existing one, you know that you should invest in retention. The intention of repurchase is quite straightforward, but not applicable for any business. If you sell cars or telecommunication services, this question is worthless. In all other cases, it’s pretty useful to capture the loyalty of your customers.


5. Is there anything you wish to add?

This is an open-ended question closing your survey. It’s definitely useful, as every customer has a story and might want to add a remark or suggestion you can use to improve your products or business. This type of question is a qualitative one, and needs more time and effort to analyse. However, it’s worth the investment.


6. The magic trick: consistency

All of the above questions are only useful when you ask them on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’ll just have an indication of how you’re performing at a specific moment. However, you want to know how your company is evolving. Therefore, you need consistence: ask the same questions every month, every three months or every year, and use segmentation to make cross segment interpretations. That’s the only way to see the evolution of your reputation among customers.


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