evaluate quality of your customer service

Nespresso is one of the most famous coffee brands of the world, with its fashionable capsules and classy coffee machines.


The challenge

Nespresso wants to keep its clients happy. Therefore, the company needs to know how customers perceive its service level via a customer satisfaction survey.


The solution

We implemented an automated SMS solution that contacts the clients of Nespresso as soon as they’ve had a conversation with Nespresso’s customer service department. Customers get one simple SMS with just one question: how do you grade the customer service, from 1 to 10?


The results

The automated SMS solution was deployed rapidly and the improvements were noticed immediately: a high response rate and a clear view on the quality of Nespresso’s customer service. The results are automatically put into one database, and are neatly displayed on a dashboard with NPS metrics. That makes it easy to use, and very effective.


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