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Renault is a car manufacturer with its origins in France, and the 4th largest worldwide. It’s known for its two brands: Renault and Dacia.


The challenge

Renault wanted to know exactly how customers experience the service of its car dealers. With a customer survey that’s easy to use and effective to analyse.


The solution

We implemented a 360-degrees solution to conduct a customer survey in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. After a visit to one of Renault’s car dealers, the (potential) client receives an SMS to score the car dealer from 1 to 10, and is informed that Renault aims to have a score of 9 or 10. When the recipient responds, the result is directly processed. If the (potential) client gives a score lower than 9, Renault sends an e-mail with additional questions, allowing customers to change their score. When the score is really low, Renault calls the (potential) client to check what went wrong.


The results

By using this 360-degrees solution, Renault is capable of capturing in-depth feedback from consumers and building a relationship with them. Renault uses the negative feedback to improve its service level continuously, while it pushes NPS higher.


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