The Ring Ring Company is specialised in the integration of interactive telephone applications (IVR) and SMS.

A high-performance technical platform in an ultra-secure data centre, a multimedia approach based on specialised know-how, a professional team and more than 20 years’ experience in the market – The Ring Ring Company is the ideal partner for all your projects connected with Voice, SMS and E-Mail API.

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Facts & figures of RingRing

Belgian company founded in


& active in Europe

Capacity for more than


active clients in 2014

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

99.99 % Service Level Agreement

Capacity for more than


Calls per Minute

More than


SMS’s per Minute

More than


Transactions per Year

Quality and Professionalism

More than 20 years’ experience:

delivering interactivity since 1991. Numerous clients in the most diverse sectors have placed their trust in RingRing for the development of innovative tailor-made solutions

Multimedia approach:

the applications developed by RingRing are based on a state-of-the-art approach in all areas of telephony. RingRing delivers you optimized solutions for easy integration throughout your communication channels.

Close cooperation with the telephone operators:

RingRing ensures all logistical aspects of the operations that you place in our hands, in close cooperation with the operators involved.

Overall responsibility of applications:

RingRing takes charge of everything from the project study through follow-up right up to the analysis of the results.

Ideas as well as advice:

 not only does RingRing deliver technical solutions to ensure optimal use of modern-day telephony, we also offer advice and tips relevant to your own specific needs.

Resolutely client-oriented:

at RingRing, service is not an empty word. For example: when you launch a TV campaign that will be seen by millions of viewers, we cannot allow ourselves even the slightest technical fault. Which is why we are continually investing in, and the fine-tuning of our technical platform, and why so many important clients have placed their trust in us for so many years.