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Customers love companies that tackle their questions effectively, and in the way they like to communicate. No wonder that bots are on the rise. You’re not sure how bots can benefit the customer service of your company? Let’s convince you with no less than 7 reasons. .


1. Bots are omnichannel

You can use bots almost everywhere, and deploy them wherever your customers are. Not only on your website, but also on social media channels, your mobile app and via SMS. Allowing your customers to reach you 24/7, and via the channel they prefer, is a huge asset for the experience of your customers.


2. Bots are extremely effective

Bots have one big advantage over humans: they can handle hundreds of queries at the same time, without any effort. Moreover, they respond to your customers in real-time. They never get tired and are always fast and punctual.


3. Bots increase the customer engagement

If your customers can make use of your bot to handle questions – from problems to questions about products, services, delivery time etc. – they become more attached to your brand and will be more likely to make frequent purchases.


4. Bots provide proactive notifications

“Hi, today at 2PM, your package will be delivered” or “Dear John, today we give you a discount of 20%. Why? Because you’re great. Use the code JOHNISGREAT to add your discount to your order”: these are nice proactive bot notifications that increase the quality of your relationship with customers. Bots can make these things happen in seconds.


5. Bots send instant responses

If you ever had a conversation with a bot, you know that it responds within a second. Your customers all have a limited level of patience. Giving them the tools to have immediate responses is an outstanding way of increasing satisfaction.


6. Bots take care of the low-value customer interactions

For some questions, your customers don’t want to call your call centre. They want a self-service solution. Therefore, you can tackle all ‘basic’ and frequently asked questions through a bot. Moreover, if the question is too complex for the bot, it can transfer your customer to the right human agent.


7. Last but not least. Bots are very cost-effective

Bots are easy and cost-effective to introduce, and are scalable to any kind of level you need. Compared to human call agents, bots are way cheaper.


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