IVR call centre KPI’s

Customer satisfaction is critical for the success of your company. The more your customer interactions are handled in your call centre, the more important call centre related KPI’s become. If you use IVR, you’ve got a great tool to enhance the satisfaction of your customers. But what KPI’s improve when you use IVR? Here are the 5 most important ones.


1. First call resolution (FCR)

That’s the percentage of calls and customers’ queries that your agents completely address, without having to transfer them, or call them back. Skills based routing and IVR systems will ensure that the most appropriate call agent receives the call. While it is almost impossible to get your FCR up to 100%, you should try to aim at a constant increase thereof.


2. Blocked calls

That’s the percentage of callers that receive the busy tone when they call. If you use IVR, that percentage should be zero.


3. Average time in queue

You know that your customers get frustrated when they have to wait for several minutes, right? You need to do two things to reduce waiting time: 1. staff your call centres according to the call volume, and 2. use IVR to tackle the first questions. The average abandonment rate is closely related to this. That’s the percentage of customers who hang up before reaching an agent.


4. Average call work time

Every company has a different focus. Some companies want the conversation with their customers to be as effective and quick as possible, because they know their customers don’t have the time to talk for hours. Other companies realize that a call is an opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with their customer, and aren’t focussing on time. Whatever you’re pursuing, make sure you keep track of your average work time.


5. Customer satisfaction

If you improve the four above KPI’s, you also improve customer satisfaction. Generating and analysing feedback from your customers using NPS is a great way of measuring the evolutions of customer satisfaction related to other KPI’s.


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