Customer feedback

Generating feedback from your customers is essential for your business’ success. But gathering responses is just the first step. If you want genuine insights, you need to go the extra mile. Here’s how.


1. Analyse what you need to know

Whether you’re asking your customers open-ended questions, or using NPS scores, the magic starts with the analysis of the responses. Try to do this efficiently, maybe with the help of specific software. At RingRing, we’ve developed a practical and real-time dashboard to help you discover the big insights.


2. Create an action plan

Before starting generating feedback, you need to know where you want to be in the long run. Use the feedback of your customers to check whether you’re doing as you imagined, and use your goals to see where there’s a gap between your objectives and the reality.


3. Act

To fill the gap, you need to implement your plan. As your plan consists of concrete actions, with actual timings and goals, you just need to do what you’ve written down. So, just do it. It’s not as simple as it looks, but small steps every day mean a large leap at the end of the year.


4. Share

Companies that are customer-centric are the most successful. But that means all employees should put the customer first. In this philosophy, your employees – whether they’re working at accounting, in sales or in your customer service department – should know how customers feel about your company, its offer and its service. Sharing the feedback, and the actions that need to be undertaken, really helps to increase the engagement of your employees.


5. Evaluate

Are you asking the right questions? Do you want a broader view on a specific subject? Or are there questions that don’t really add value? Regularly evaluate the way you’re generating feedback. It helps you to improve the quality of your surveys, while making sure you’re getting the right insights.


Would you like to know how you could improve your survey in order to maximize your results? Just contact us. We’d love to talk. Or do you want to know more about Customer Satisfaction? Download our free eBook ‘Customer Satisfaction in your pocket’ and discover everything about mobile & automated satisfaction surveys!


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